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Hair Finish

Hair Finish

Pop Italy Unique Miracle Hair Lotion 10 Actions In 1 - 250ml

Pop Italy Unico 10 in 1 is an exclusive, rinse-free treatment that combines 10 actions in one simple gesture.

Thanks to its active ingredients, it gives perfect hair effortlessly and simplifies daily styling even with dry hair.

The formulation of our product acts on the hair as a restructuring conditioner, making it soft, smooth, shiny and eliminating the annoying frizz effect, without weighing it down.

Price €24.50

Pop Italy Oil Therapy Regenerating Hair Treatment with Argan Oil and Mineral Salts - 250ml

Pop Italy Oil Therapy Regenerating is a specific treatment with immediate effect enriched with Argan oil, precious conditioners and minerals.

It reconstructs and nourishes the hair fibre deeply, leaving hair soft and voluminous.

Its exclusive formula restores texture, body and volume to the hair, giving your hair a healthy and luminous appearance from the first application.

Price €25.90

Pop Italy Hair Polishing Liquid Crystals with Linseed Oil - 100ml

Pop Italy Hair Polishing Liquid Crystals, enriched with Linseed Oil are an excellent natural remedy to dry hair, also useful to counteract the formation of double ends.

Its restructuring properties are due to the high presence of Linoleic Acid which promotes the hydration of the hair by regulating the loss of water and maintaining the elasticity and resistance of the hair fibre.

Price €23.50

Pop Italy Glaze Brushing Hair Shaper - Fluid Definition Curls - 250ml

Pop Italy Glaze Brushing is a curling shaping fluid specially designed to create hairstyles and curls in a simple, fast and safe way, with every technique.

It is an ideal product for working with instruments at high temperatures, such as hairdryers and plates, its thermoprotective properties create a resistant and durable film that protects the hair from heat and fixes the fold effectively.

Price €17.10

Pop Italy Wax Sculpt Water-Based Glossy Hair Wax Shaping and Fixing - 150ml

Thanks to its water-based formulation, Pop Italy Wax Sculpt sculpts, defines and shines hair, maintaining exceptional structure and flexibility and eliminating frizz for a long time.

It has a high moisturising and fixative power, does not weigh down, does not grease and is water resistant but removes easily.

It can be used on all hair types thanks to its light and delicate formulation.

Price €17.50

Pop Italy Restructuring Liquid Crystals with Keratin and Argan Oil - 100ml

The exclusive Pop Italy beauty treatment with Keratin and Argan oil gives dull hair the radiance of the pearl, deeply nourishing and closing the hair cuticles.

The keratin, naturally present in the hair, provides nourishment and regenerates the hair fibre giving thickness, elasticity and volume, at the same time Argan oil deeply hydrates and thanks to its antioxidant properties strengthens the hair from root to tip.

Price €23.50